1992 Ferrari 512 TR Paint Correction Detail – Image Gallery

The 512 (Testarossa) is perhaps the most recognizable icons in the Ferrari lineup over the years, and whether or not you’re a “car person”, you know this vehicle and understand what it represents.

This 428hp, V-12 beast was recently purchased, and the new owner (previous customer of mine) knew that he wanted me to spend some time with it to restore the paint to as close to original condition as we could safely achieve. With 36K miles on the odometer, the 19 year old 512 TR was definitely showing signs of wear as can be expected with vehicles of this vintage. The swirls were moderate to heavy, it had some deep scratches and imperfections that would require some light wet sanding to reduce or remove, and the single stage paint was showing signs of oxidation and actually looked pink in areas as opposed to red (Rosso Corsa 300/9 to be exact).

Given the hand-built nature of exotics, a detailer needs to show extra caution and skill when working with paint correction otherwise there is a high risk of damaging the finish. The older the vehicle, the higher the risk. And with the lines and sharp (thin) edges of the TR, the risk goes up even higher.

During the process I was using beta polishing pads for the compounding stage, as well as a yet to be released paint sealant / gloss enhancer when I was finished with the paint correction. The goal was to achieve a safe level of around 85% correction / restoration and to bring back the depth, gloss and original Rosso Corsa red color, but once the job was complete I was happy to have exceeded that level. I invested about 20 hours into the job which also included an interior detail and leather preservation using Leatherique.

When the owner of the car came to the shop to see his Ferrari, he was as happy as a kid with a shiny new toy! He said that he had a level of expectation on how the car would look based on what I had done to his Ferrari 355, but the transformation that I was able to achieve on his 512 TR was greater than what he was even expecting. Under-promise and over-deliver…that’s a great way to provide superior service. 

When this car shows up at the local exotic car gatherings and / or Ferrari events this summer it’s going to make some people very upset! Why? Because they will see how amazing that the paint looks on it, and then they will go back and look at their own cars and be quite disappointed. When that happens, I know somebody who can take care of that problem for them.  :)

In the image gallery below, take a close look at images 2, 3, and 4 to get a feel for how bad the paint looked prior to me working on it. In image #5 however, you will see that the light reflection is absolutely pure without any defects in the paint at all.

Ferrari 512 TR Image Gallery

Press the “FS” button at the bottom right side of the photo gallery to view it in Full Screen mode.

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4 Responses to 1992 Ferrari 512 TR Paint Correction Detail – Image Gallery

  1. Joshua Hash says:

    Great work as always Todd!! It’s always fun to see the color/gloss enhancement you can achieve after properly polishing a vehicle. The owner should be very pleased. Night and day difference! Cannot believe that is a 1992 model. Looks better than a majority of the 2010-11 models that are out on the road now. LOL

  2. Yup I love detailing these single stage paintworks, although it’s a paint to clean up the pads & microfibers after :-)

    Just finished work on three unmodified Testarossas (many have mutated with 512TR parts) last week that has not seen any polishing work for the past 20 years…the results are some of my most satisfying work so far!

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