Ferrari 458 Italia in Grigio Silverstone. Paint Correction and Image Gallery.

On New Year’s Eve 2010 I was sitting at my computer working on a few articles for the DI Ask A Pro Blog, and I received a phone call from a prospective client. He was thankful that I was answering my phone on a holiday, and told me about his new Ferrari 458 Italia. He said that he had been following my work on Ferrari in particular over the past few months, and had read my first 458 paint correction article that I published back in June. He learned that most new exotics and other hand-built vehicles came from the factory with paint in less than stellar condition, and he hoped that his would be different. When his new Italia finally arrived just before Christmas, he thought that he received one in great condition. When he washed it and brought it in under the halogen lights however, he saw that he wasn’t so fortunate, and immediately picked up the phone and dialed my number.

After a brief conversation, he cut to the chase and said: “What’s it going to take to get you up here to fix my Ferrari?”. Since we are 600 miles apart, it wasn’t like I could just jump in the car and make a quick trip out of it.

He had read a lot of my articles, knew I specialized in Ferrari (Technical Advisor on Appearance Care to the Ferrari Club of America – Ohio Chapter), and was convinced that I was the person for the job. Given this, he said he would fly me to where he lives, transfer me to and from the airport, and put me up at his guest house for 3 days while I perform the work. Well that sounded like a good deal to me so we booked the flights for a few weeks later.

When I arrived at his home and got to spend some time with him, I quickly realized that this client was all about quality in everything that he did. He buys the best products, and he hires the best people for the job. His motto is: If it’s worth doing, it’s worth over-doing! Since I live and work by the same rules, I knew that we were meant to work together on this project.

His 458 Italia had the same needs as all the rest I’ve seen and worked on, so there were no surprises waiting for me. I knew which processes and products would yield the best results, and I had about 2 1/2 days to get it finished. During the course of the detail, the owner of the car would ask me about the process as he wanted to soak up as much information as possible (my kind of client!). I spent as much time as necessary explaining what I was doing to give him a better understanding, and I also went through his collection of detailing supplies to teach him how and where to use them for his regular maintenance (just about all of the products he had were purchased after reading my reviews).

Applying Chemical Guys E-zyme Wax to carbon fiber

Now I’ve been on detailing trips before, and my clients are always gratious hosts, but the owner of this Italia (and his wife) went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable while I was there. He put me up in his guest house, he fixed me breakfast everyday, he took me out each day and bought me lunch and dinner, and showed me around town. After a few days of that, I think I could get used to the rockstar treatment! :) I went there to work for a new client, but ended up coming home with new friends…I really enjoy that aspect of my business.

So after 19 hours worth of compounding, finish polishing, sealing, and waxing, the 458 Italia came out looking absolutely amazing. Not only were all of the defects permanently removed, but the overall depth and gloss of the paint were increased considerably. The owner of the car was thrilled with the results, and said it was worth every penny.

Finishing the 19-hour process with a coat of Chemical Guys E-zyme Wax

Some of the featured products used:

Compounding Stage:
Meguiar’s M105 Ultra Cut Compound
Meguiar’s DA Microfiber Cutting Discs
Porter Cable 7424XP Random Orbital Polisher
Finishing Stage:
Menzerna 106FA Finish Polish
Lake Country Black Finishing Pads
Makita 9227C Rotary Polisher
Pre-production sealant / gloss enhancer
Chemical Guys E-zyme Natura Wax


Ferrari 458 Italia Photo Gallery

Press the “FS” button at the bottom right of the gallery to see full-sized images.

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Todd Cooperider
Esoteric Auto Detail
Columbus, Ohio


UPDATE: This article was just featured on…be sure to check out what they had to say about this trip at: A Story Of A Ferrari 458 Italia, A Master Detailer AND a 600 Mile Journey

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18 Responses to Ferrari 458 Italia in Grigio Silverstone. Paint Correction and Image Gallery.

  1. Kevin Brown says:

    As expected, a fantastic detail job, and an even better write-up!

    I really like the layout of your site, too. Clean, simple, and easy to read.
    Keep the articles coming!

  2. Amazing work Todd. I’m in awe when I look at those pictures. The rockstar treatment was well deserved!

  3. Joyce Miller says:

    Hi, Todd
    As the Cleveland Ferrari Rep. for the FCA-Ohio Chapter, I am always amazed at the quality work you turn out. My members who have used your service all praise you and the quality of work you do. Looking forward to more projects and pictures.

  4. Charles says:

    Todd thank you for the update on your latest Ferrari project. Yet another sad factory effort on a 458 Italia which you have corrected to your usual high standards. Your work and knowledge on ‘correcting’ factory Ferrari finishes is Perfection Personified. The fact that you share this knowledge and the then finished result makes it all the more commendable! I recall seeing a certain shining red 458 Italia featured in Forza magazine recently too.
    Regards, Charles

    • Thanks Charles! I looked at 4 other 458′s while I was on this trip, and they were all quite “needy”; and I have set quite a few appointments with 458 owners that haven’t even received theirs yet. No worries though…I will get them looking as they should.

      Ah yes, the 458 in Forza Magazine…that was the first one that I corrected. :)

  5. I worked many years at my local Ferrari & Lamborghini dealerships to sort out their numerous customers complains but now they prefers some cut price competitors who charges $50~$100 less but can’t properly correct paintwork to save their lives…so it must be very satisfying to have clients who appreciate the good work that you put in and treat you professionally! All the best…

  6. Joshua Hash says:

    My favorite color combo that you have worked on! Looks stunning. Glad you enjoyed yourself up there and created perfection yet again.

    • Thanks Josh! Today I’m inspecting another 458 in this exact same color combination, and then a black one as well. The Grigio Silverstone is an absolute stunning color on this car…

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  8. Steve says:

    Hi Todd, fantastic work…..any chance you know a detailer of your caliber in the SF Bay Area? thanks….Steve

  9. Keith says:


    Kudos again on all the fine work!
    Like Steve above, I am looking for a recommendation(s) in the SF Bay Area. I have a new black 458 on the way and want to correct and seal it as soon as I get the keys.

    Much appreciated.


  10. Hello Todd , another fantastic job on another Ferrari 458 Italia one of my favorite Ferrari’s ! Did you do any with the new Rupes Big Foot Polishing System ?

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