RUPES Big Foot Polisher. Ferrari 458 Italia.!

We just finished up a major paint correction job on this (brand new) Ferrari 458 Italia Spider in Rosso Corsa, and wanted to share with everybody the transformation that we were able to put it through.

While it may have started out a little rough from the factory, the Ferrari is now polished to a level that it deserves. The depth, gloss, and clarity of the 458 was so amazing when we were done, that the client (who owns a lot of Ferraris) simply stated: “Best I’ve ever seen paint look!” :)

We put together a promotional video for the RUPES Big Foot polisher, and it showcases the capabilities of this amazing machine, and it captures the true beauty of this Ferrari.

RUPES polishers, pads, and accessories are available through!


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3 Responses to RUPES Big Foot Polisher. Ferrari 458 Italia.!

  1. Steven Levy says:

    This machine is a game changer,this machine ,has the ability to end the use of the rotary.

  2. Carlos Gomez says:

    I just want to say that the Ferrari worked on came out beautiful. Can you share with me the products that were used besides the RUPES Big Foot polisher. I’m always looking for innovated techniques in order to perfect and take my skills to the next level. Thanks for sharing the video.

    Carlos Gomez
    GOGO’s Mobile Auto Detailing Specialist

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